Cameras for taking pictures during the rally

Cameras which are suitable for taking pictures while we’re on а boat aren’t that easy to find. Besides for GoPro cameras that stand the test of the waves there aren’t that many cameras which would be able to stay intact after the harsh Ocean and the water they’ll probably have to withstand. Although the DelMarVa rally isn’t the hardest challenge or boat rally that you could be a part of, there are cases in which you might have to stop enjoying the view and take active measures to keep your boat on the best possible coarse. We’ve had amazing pictures taken from some of the teams which participated in the rally and we’re truly happy to post some of them below for you to see. Last year though we had a few of the teams complain that their expensive DSLR cameras were broken because of water damage and although everyone took it with a smile on their face, this year we’ve decided to give you a few suggestions on how to make sure that you are able to take amazing pictures and don’t have to sacrifice thousands of dollars in camera equipment in order to do so. There are some rugged cameras which you can definitely take advantage of of either protective cases for your camera or simply use a cheaper option. There are great cameras for under 300$ that you can definitely look into as they do offer both high quality images ( higher than you would ever need on a boat). With some really great options included in the list we’re sure you can easily find comfort in the fact that if you break them, at least there won’t be a need to pay thousands for a new camera and easily dispose of these. All of them use SD cards, so even if the camera breaks, you’ll still get to keep the memories of the last DelMarVa rally in pictures. Most of these also shoot in 1080 HD resolution, so the video quality isn’t that bad either. There’s another way you could go as well, and simply buy a rugged camera. The best rugged camera we saw was on the website HikingGearGuru which reviewed the best rugged cameras for hiking and the rugged camera they’ve reviewed on the top of the list really appears to be performing exceptionally even when you splash water on it and such. That being said, it should withstand the ocean sprays without any problem. The other things that you could do if you’re looking to get great shots would be to get a case for the camera you already have. There are more than a few such cases for DSLR cameras out there and hopefully you can get one for your particular model. There are some reviews of such cases on photography forums such as DPReview as well as the Nikon Forums if you own a Nikon camera. If you own a Canon camera, there are also great backpacks that you could use to shelter the one you own from the water splashes. We’re sure that there will be plenty of awesome pictures done

This year we have members from the UK as well

Our annual competition has grown a lot and this year we have a couple of people that are going to come all the way down from the United Kingdom to participate in our race which is really exciting. We are hoping that this is going to become a tradition and there are actually a couple of sailors from Germany and Australia as well which are going to be part of our family and hopefully will enjoy the race as much as everyone here does. We’re really proud to announce that the representatives of the UK are educated in one of the best sailing schools in London located in West Kensington which is a fantastic school that has produced many great sailors such as Joe Glanfield the Olympic medalist and many many more which we all know and love because we’ve seen them show how amazing this sport could be. It’s really great to see our family expanding and we’d like to welcome people from all over the world for the exhibition in 2015. Hopefully we’ll have a serious success with our work this year and we’ll be able to get more and more people involved.

We also have the list of this year’s boat brands that are participating in the event as well

  • Action Craft fishing boats
  • Adrenaline Powerboats high performance boats
  • Adrenaline Marine custom aluminum boats and workboats
  • Advantage Boats
  • Albemarle Sport Fishing Boats
  • Ali-Craft aluminum boats – Canada
  • Allison Boats high performance boats
  • Alumacraft aluminum boats
  • Alumaweld aluminum boats
  • Aluminum Chambered Boats aluminum boats and workboats
  • Bay Craft flats and tunnels


  • Crownline
  • D. Murphy Sport Boats bass boats from Nova Scotia (Canada)
  • Davis Boats Radoncraft and Rock Harbor
  • Deep Impact Boats
  • Delta Boats sportfishing and dive boats by Canaveral Custom Boats Inc.
  • Des Champ & Jackson Boatbuilders (Canada)
  • Design Concepts Aluminum B

And a lot of others that have proven themselves to be really serious competitors and offering high quality boats which go through the DelMarVa rally without a hitch. The reason why we decided to write this list down here is to make sure that if any boat manufacturer that is just beginning is going to get publicity for their work and may be find some customers. We’re really happy to announce that through this website we were able to help a newly founded boat producing company from North Carolina to find two customers last year which are taking the rally with their brand new boats this year and we’re seriously hoping that it’s going to help them boost their business.

And to wrap this up, we’re showing you the boat which this year’s UK team from London and West Kensinngton is going to participate with which is the Salona Boat S33

westminster team from the uk with salona boat

Salona Boat – UK Westminster team

We’re getting more and more excited about this year and the preparation is still going strong, so wish us luck and we’ll continue to update you with the latest things that you could expect from this year’s show. We’ve prepared more surprises for you that we’ll reveal in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned with the DelMarVa rally team and we’ll make sure you know what’s going on!

This year’s grand prize!

As this year is the first one in which we have about twice as many sponsors as we’ve had in the past couple of years, we’re proud to say that in this year’s annual DelMarVa rally we have a bigger grand prize. The final prize of the boat rally we’re having is $5000 and we believe that the prize winner will enjoy this substantial prize and will be able to repair his boat and prepare it for the next adventure they’ll go together on. If we were to assume what such a grand prize would be spent for, by the owners of a boat, there are tons of things that you could do and as the winner of the DelMarVa rally wouldn’t be a random boat, but a well taken care of one, it’s without a doubt that this amount of money would have to go to the cleaning and maintenance of it, but that’s just what we believe. After all this sport is for the lovers of sailing and the ocean and whatever they decide to use the prize for is their own choice and we believe that this choice would be great. After all has been said and done it’s obvious that we’d have to go through the list of sponsors that we have had, but first we’ll go over the rules which we have strictly followed when choosing our sponsorship deals.

  • First and foremost, there haven’t been any gambling websites or bookmakers involved
  • Second of all we haven’t taken any sponsors that promote smoking  - our own policy
  • And last but not least the sponsors that we’ve taken are only from the US,Canada and the UK

These three simple rules have left us with a serious list of over 25 sponsors some of which are the following:

  1. Hunter Marin Yacht Company
  2. MacGregor Yacht Corporation
  3. Columbia Yachts
  4. Hennessy Whisky
  5. Iceberg Vodka
  6. Prism Metal Polish
  7. Edson Steering Systems

And many many more.

These are just a few of them, but we are currently working on a page on which we’ll put a list of all the major sponsors of this year’s DelMarVa rally, where you could see which are the companies which made this whole event happen. It’s extremely cool to have so many companies present on our sponsorship list and they really helped with the organization from day one. Although there are still a few months until we get to the event itself, we believe that if any other companies or people want to contribute, they could contact us and talk about sponsoring the event. If they do cover all of the requirements we will try and put their name on the list. The grand prize would remain at $5000 though, as there are lots of expenses into the organization of this particular event and we have gone through some serious problems while making it happen. Hopefully it will all be a smooth sailing once it gets down to the event itself, but for now this is all we have for you. Keep yourself informed and sign on to the 2014 DelMarVa rally through our sign-up page.

We can’t way for the Summer and surely you can’t either! Well this is the website where you’ll find all the necessary information on it, so stay in touch.

For the people that can’t wait, here’s a video of one of the participants from 2011 that enjoyed participating in the rally. Hopefully this year we’ll get the same conditions as we did back then.

Welcome to the 2014 DelMarVa Rally website

Hey everyone, this year we’ve got another great rally ahead of us and we’re thrilled to announce some of the most important aspects of this years DelMarVa Rally. Starting with some of the equipment and a list of the most important things that you will need to participate! Here’ we go and we’re starting with some really interesting facts about last year’s rally and information about it.

Last year we had boats weighting up to 1200 pounds, catamarans and lots of other types of boats just to begin with. That being said, we can’t wait to initiate the 2014 rally and see what this year will bring to the table. Last year we went pass Cape May near Atlantic City and lots of other beautiful places which look astonishing from the boats, but enough with that.

We advise every small boat owner who’s planning on participating in the rally to get a copy of the - ”Eastern Shore, Western Wind” book, as there is plenty of information about. Creating equal opportunity for all boat owners in the area we’re planning to get you all a wonderful trip around the East Coast of the United States of America this year. We’ve got lots of great contributors and sponsors for this year’s annual DelMarVa Rally from the US, Canada as well as a couple of companies from the United Kingdom too. We’re proud to announce the names of Star Cleaning – cleaning company and HostMyWay UK, which are our main sponsors from the United Kingdom, for the first time since the beginning of this annual rally every year.

The Delmarva Peninsula is a large peninsula on the East Coast of the United States like you all know and this year’s rally is going to be just as long as it has been so far at about 180 miles or approximately 280 kilometers for our friends from the UK and Canada.

 delmarva peninsua

delmarva peninsua

Bringing back some memories from 2009 when we originally began with this rally, we’ve been through a lot and we’ve come a long way so far.

For the people who are not aware what DelMarVa stands for it is actually an abbreviation for the following :

Delmarva is a portmanteau formed from the names of the states that occupy it: Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia (abbreviated VA)

We would like to welcome everyone who’s interested in participating to write us a comment in the section down below and let us know what you’re using this year for the rally and how many people are going to be part of your crew. We’ll be posting lots of information about the equipment which is the best to use in the conditions during the rally and we’ll be updating with the last and most current situation and progress of the organisation. Here’s to an awesome 2014 DelMarVa rally and we’re hoping to get a lot of feedback on our website from all members of the boat community as well as getting more sponsorship deals like the one we got from two cleaning companies in London.